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This website is opened and managed by Crystal Cloth Co., Ltd.

When using this website (hereafter called "our company's website"), we would like you to carefully read the website policy below.

We also would like you to understand that the policy of our company's website may be changed without notice.

About linking

In general, linking to our company's website is not allowed.In particular, we refuse the following:

  • Links from websites which may slander our company's business and services or damage our trust
  • Links from websites which contain anything contrary to public order or basic morality
  • Links from websites which include illegal contents, are involved or may be involved in illegal activities
  • Links to be intended for a profit or have the ultimate goal to produce a profit
  • Links that use frames or other methods to obscure our company’s content
  • Links from websites with an unidentified manager or websites managed by a person using a handle name or proxy

About copyright

All copyright regarding sentences, pictures, illustrations and any other works on our company's website shall belong to our company or the provider of the content.

These contents cannot be reprinted, reproduced, sold or rented without permission from our company unless it is for a personal use or is permitted under the Copyright Act.

Any content provided by a third party requires permission from them also.

In addition, even when it is permitted under the Copyright Act, the intent or way in which content is used may induce problems.

About cookies

Our company's website uses some cookies, but they do not include any information which can specify an individual.

When using our company's website, you can choose whether you receive cookies or not in your browser settings, but if you decline to receive them, please understand that slight errors may occur, such as contents on the site not being shown properly.

About handling of personal information

When contacting us through our company's website, you are required to fill in your personal information, which will be strictly managed and be accessed only by authorized staff in order to prevent loss, alteration or leakage.

Furthermore, your information will be used to improve Crystal Cloth's services but will not be disclosed to anyone other than to the third party which obtained your consent.

However, it may be disclosed within a case of a public judicial organ such as a court or a public administrative organ such as police if there is a request, based on applicable laws and regulations.

About access history

The information about when and where our company's website has been accessed is recorded on our company's web server. In general, it will be used only for statistics and analysis of our website and never for other purposes.

However, it may be disclosed within a case of a public judicial organ such as a court or a public administrative organ such as police if there is a request, based on applicable laws and regulations.In addition, when in violation of our company site’s user policy, it may be deemed necessary to check a user’s access history.


We carefully create and post all content. Regardless, Crystal Cloth or any contents provider shall not be responsible for their accuracy, appropriateness and integrity.

This applies to any damage they may cause as well.

Any information obtained from this website shall be used based on a user’s own judgments and responsibility.

Also, the responsibility for websites linked to our company's website or issues caused by the contents should be taken by the webmaster of the website, not by Crystal Cloth nor the contents provider.

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