Our passion

We treat ladies fashion as if it were a canvas, drawing on only the most ideal materials.

Crystal Cloth designs all genres of cloth including fabrics, knits, prints and lace.
Our totals average 300 marks every season.
We take countless ideas and designs and only make products of those we feel are truly original.

What we pursue is class.
Our customers appreciate how our distinctive style of manufacturing that features bold use of threads, sensitive color arrangement, unique processing technology and an uncompromising selectivity of materials.
Starting in Italy, we have many close ties abroad. The items we develop in collaboration with foreign manufacturers account for about 40% of our totals.

In recent years, customers tend to ask for smaller lots, wider variety and shorter delivery time, but we almost always find a way to accommodate to their needs. That is our style.
We believe that challenging ourselves to find ways to preserve the best quality and originality even under difficult restrictions, we can ready ourselves for tomorrow.

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