Industry overview

A company’s level of expertise isn’t measured by their size.

Everyone says fashion is a fast evolving industry.
We welcome those quick changes.
We see it as an opportunity to exercise our expertise.
Wherever originality is desired, we see it as our chance.
That’s what makes us special.
We are not a big company.
However, we have the ability to respond to the requests of each and every customer.


We create trends.

We design around 300 marks of original cloth every season.We create our own designs from limitless combinations of materials, colors, patterns and palettes by analyzing considering market trends and imagining final products.


We have our own style for presentations as well.

We produce the cloth we want to present first and then go to clients. That's our business style.If you start from hearing the client’s needs, it’s too late.We feel we can read the industry and create a supply cycle of design, development and proposal a step ahead of the rest, giving us the edge.

Export and import

The winds abroad are blowing.

Our import division is in charge of all of our importing work.Their job is to take the latest in material trends that our design staff find in Europe, (mainly Italy) and make sure they are imported to Japan safely and securely.

Showing the world the power of Made in Japan:

We produce cloth particularly hard to make, with sewing machines that can only be found in limited number in Japan.And we sell that cloth to the world.


We take just the right amount to just the right place at just the right time.

Our Osaka branch receives data on orders and deliveries from each of our offices.This data gets processed in our delivery section, where it then proceeds to our inventory management and supply system as efficiently as possible.

General affairs

Welcome to Crystal Cloth

We are not directly involved in design or sales, but we believe embodying the Crystal Cloth spirit through our reception work is an important part of the process.Our smiles are our company's smiles.We will always wear a smile so that our customers will be happy whenever they visit.

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